Why should you use Caprabook

Goat Breeding

Systematic data collection and analysis of goat farm which helps in identifying individual goats and monitoring their growth, diseases symptoms,weight gain, feeding ratio and also allows to keep records of sales,purchases of goats along with profit and loss accounts of goat farm

Caprabook helps goat farmer in data management which provides valuable insights for decision making. With help of caprabook farmer can monitor whether his current farm management practices are on right track or he needs to modify his management by eradicating his mistakes


Food Management

Avoids unnecessary wastage of feed inputs by accurately monitoring feed need of goats in various goats life stages.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly tracking of weight gain in kids,buck and doe,which helps in finding malnourished or under performing goat.



Caprabook goat farm management software’s reminder system helps goat farmer to remind about animal insurance, insemination dates,operatives and medication, animal genealogy and also about breeding techniques used for particular animal.

Caprabook goat farm management software has been highly appreciated and recommended by veterinary Doctors and Consultants

Medicine and Vaccination