About Caprabook goat record keeping software

About Caprabook goat record keeping software

Goat Farm record keeping from conventional to modern way

We are happy to introduce you to Caprabook a goat farm management software enriched with features which helps today’s ever demanding agripreneurs in maintaining structured data of their stall fed goat farms. Goat farming in recent times has evolved and moved from conventional rearing to more sophisticated and modern rearing practices which includes goat rearing in closed or fenced shed which is also called stall fed goat farming, it also includes practice of modern fodder cultivation techniques such as hydroponics, new vaccines for goats, breeding techniques and time management along with other goat farming activities. If we look at the extent of the various daily activities involved in goat farming and amount of data generated daily we will overwhelmed with extent of data been generated and how tedious it is to maintain goat records . Besides this daily activities of managing goats, Goat farmer has to keep records of all the feeding schedule of goat animal, weight gain of each animal, Breeding dates, vaccine dates and also profit and loss accounts. Managing or keeping all this records of data along with farm is major time consuming and complex task. It gets worst when he tries to maintain it in excelsheet or on file paper.

Caprabook best tool to goat farm record management

In order to simplify this complex task of data management and record keeping of goat farm. and making it more sophisticated,easy to work and also user friendly , we have created Caprabook which is goat farm record keeping software or goat farm management software. Caprabook eases life of goat farmer by helping him in managing his stall fed goat farm records by simplifying goat records and storing it in easy to retrieve data for taking appropriate management decisions. Caprabook goat record keeping software works online as well as offline. You can operate software on phone,pc,laptop or on tablet

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